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Application Area

AsTeRICS Ergo allows to install an environmental control system easily and without technical background knowledge. Currently it is possible to control power sockets and all devices with an infrared remote control. These are for instance:

  • TV
  • DVD player
  • Radio/CD player
  • Ambient Light
  • Blinds


Click on the following link in order to download the latest version for Windows of AsTeRICS Ergo:

Download AsTeRICS Ergo

In order to find versions for Linux or older releases, see


AsTeRICS Ergo Screenshot

You can also simply try out AsTeRICS Ergo online, just click on the screenshot or the following link:

Try out now!

Further Information

AsTeRICS Ergo is an extension of the AsTeRICS-Framework with focus on a intuitive and easily understandable web user-interface.

Besides environmental control it is planned to make it possible to install and configure alternative means of computer control in future versions.

Alternative computer control

It is possible to control AsTeRICS Ergo with any alternative computer control that emulates the mouse or the keyboard (see usage with a keyboard), e.g.: