IR Trans

Component Type: Actuator (Subcategory: Home Control)

This component sends transmission commands to an infrared-transmitter. The different commands can be selected by the different events. The commands must be programmed into the IR-transmitter, before this component can be used. Furthermore, commands can also be sent to this component's input port ("action").

Action String example: The action string starts with "@IRTRANS:" and contains the remote control name and the command name. For example, if the IR-Transmitter is programmed with a database called "LG-TV" and the desired command is called "TvOn", the action string to play the IR-code is "@IRTRANS: snd LG-TV,TvOn".

Using the event based option, the property "prestring" is set to "snd LG-TV", and at property "send1" is set to "TvOn".

Screenshot: IRTrans plugin
IRTrans plugin


The IRTrans module (USB, LAN or WiFi version) is required. It can be purchased from
IRTrans universal IR remote module
IRTrans universal IR remote module

Input Port Description

Output Port Description

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Comment: This component is exactly tailored to the IRTrans module and needs expert knowledge to be configured.